Are weasels a pest animal in Hawaii?

A pest animal is one that has hazardous characteristics that can be injurious to humans. A weasel is one example of such pest animals. The weasel is a carnivorous animal that has sharp pointed, canine teeth. These teeth are used for biting and shearing flesh. The weasel is known to attack and give fatal bites to animals bigger than them. The weasel likes to spend a lot of time alone and hunting food, which comprises of small mammals.

Weasels are found in all continents apart from Australia and its environs. They are known to be a problem in Missouri and other places. They are many species, and they come in different sizes, color and behavior owing to which part of the world they are found. Their length also varies but most of them range between 6 to 14 inches. They use the length of their body to chase after their prey. The weasel has a white bell and a light brown upper coat.

This animal is a farmer's enemy since it attacks livestock in the farm. On the farm, they mostly attack rabbits, pigs and chickens. They are known to kill numerous numbers of chickens in just one feeding session. When they get the chance, weasels kill in large numbers so that they can have food for the future. They are aware that they cannot kill animals every day, so when they get the chance, they kill big animals and in large numbers. Since weasels can swim, they also attack and kill fish in your pond. These clever animals have been a bother to farmers and to stop them; farmers set traps to kill these greedy pest animals.

How to Trap a Weasel - Before you trap a weasel, you need to know how to track them. A weasel has two pairs of footprints despite it having five toes. To know if the footprints you are seeing on your farm are those of a weasel, the footprints are one inch long and less than an inch wide. Once you identify the prints, the next thing you should do is set a trap to catch the weasel. Trapping weasels are difficult, and getting rid of them is even harder. The easiest way to trap weasels is by using bait and a weasel box.

When setting the trap, ensure that you cover the trap with tree leaves or boards. This is to avoid killing other creatures. Weasels are known to love blood. As bait, you can use fresh bloody meat. If it is during winter, and you need to catch the weasel in the snow, ensure that you dab the meat in front of the weasel box. This is bound to catch the attention of the weasel and make it easier to trap it. If you desperately need to get rid of the weasel, you can contact a trapping supplier to provide you with gland lures. They are expensive, but a very effective way to capture the weasels. The best time to catch weasels is during winter months when their critter has gone from brown to white. This white coating can also be used for business purposes.